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Batic Malvazija 2021

Batic Malvazija 2021

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Batič Malvazija 2021

The first Batič wines were born in the 16th century and were shaped by the experienced hands of the Batič monks in Šempas. The estate has changed considerably since then: the paintings on the walls have faded, the names of the monks have been forgotten. The only remaining legacy of the once proud monks is the knowledge and tradition of high quality wine production that has been passed down from generation to generation for over four hundred years. Batič wines are more than a tribute - they are a continuation of the traditions and methods of the Šempas monks. Miha Batič, who is the youngest generation of the winery, is known for his white wines, which he lets stand on their skins for a particularly long time, but also for his Cabernets and Merlot. The wines are made from old vines biodynamically (Demeter) in harmony with nature and moon phases. Batič works like a maniac in the vineyard. He can tell a story from each floor of his completely green vineyards, some of which are laid out on terraces. Batič's vineyards are located in the chalky karst hills with their underground rivers and sinkholes. The wines are fermented and aged in Slovenian oak barrels where they are never touched again. No stirring of the yeast, no shaking, no sulfurization, no filtration.

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