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Bottega LATTE MACCHIATO Crema di Café e Grappa 15% Vol. 0,5l

Bottega LATTE MACCHIATO Crema di Café e Grappa 15% Vol. 0,5l

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Vključno z davkom. Dostava se obračuna ob zaključku nakupa.
Bottega's creams and liqueurs are the result of a careful selection of raw materials combined with Bottega's long experience.
The creams are soft and velvety on the palate, with a unique taste and the liqueurs are fresh and aromatic.

A blend of coffee beans is carefully selected to obtain the best bouquet and the most exceptional taste.
The beans are crushed, rather than ground, to avoid excessive stress on the raw materials, which would affect the organoleptic properties.
They are then soaked in water and alcohol for 15 days and stirred daily; finally they are filtered and stabilized.
The result is an all-natural coffee tincture blended with a sweet and velvety milk cream. With a final touch of grappa, Latte Macchiato Bottega acquires a special aroma that makes it unique and unmistakable.

Tasting notes:

Color: Creamy light brownish.
Nose: Intense coffee, milk.
Taste: Soft, silky, intense aromas of latte macchiato.
Finish: Long lasting.

Serving temperature: 3° C
Ageing potential: 30 months

Best enjoyed chilled - ideal for cocktails or with espresso, as well as to refine ice cream.

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