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Bourgoin Cognac

Bourgoin Fine Pale Cognac 0,35l

Bourgoin Fine Pale Cognac 0,35l

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Bourgoin Fine Pale Cognac 0,35L

Cognac Fine Pale, a young spirit which tonus !

The Bourgoin House offers this barrel cask at 62.5% vol. Designed for mixology. Pastry perfume, floral and peppery notes.

Bottle of 35cl, apothecary format.

Bourgoin Fine Pale Cognac 0,35L

The Fine Pale Cognac offered by Maison Bourgoin is a young spirit brandy that has punch! 

At Domaine Bourgoin, close to their terroirs, there is no blending, no coloring or carbohydrates are added to the winery, they are not dry, they give off an aromatic thought typical of Pineau des Charentes. The bottling is done by vintage, by the plot, by the barrel. The vintage spirits retain their full degree,. The reduction of the alcohol level on young spirits is done with distilled rainwater for a magnificent fruity note. 

This drink has nothing to do with a liqueur or Armagnac which is also still in stills; cask aged 62.5% vol, after distillation in a still, it is thought for the art of mixology. It is possible to consume as a dry or fresh aperitif it will accompany with finesse all your cocktails (Cognac Pool) but can be suitable as a digestive for amateurs.

Magnificent clear color thanks to its aging in red barrels. On the nose, it develops a wonderful pastry nose with its aromas of salted butter caramel. In the mouth it becomes fruity and floral, with notes of hyacinth and peppery iris. 

It is offered in a 35cl bottle, apothecary format.

Ideal as a cocktail, you can combine it with ice, lemon and ginger tonic to drink a refreshing French Mule!


"Our cognacs are sincere and authentic. Here no long speeches, the truth is at the bottom of the bottle. You will find the emotion of a great cognac there. Receive this punch, as a gift. Glare or slight stupor, you will not return unscathed. " F. Bourgoin



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