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Ca' dei Frati

Ca Dei Frati Rosa Dei Frati Riviera Del Garda Classico 2021

Ca Dei Frati Rosa Dei Frati Riviera Del Garda Classico 2021

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Cà dei Frati Rosa dei Frati Riviera del Garda Classico 2021

Our most “serious” rosé! Zesty and vibrant with aromas of summer pudding and strawberries, this juicy, medium-bodied Italian rosé is full of flavor, showing delicate red berry fruit, yet perfectly balanced with a lovely refreshing finish.

60% Groppello , 15% Marzemino, 15% Sangiovese, 10% Barbera
The southern banks of the Benaco have long preserved the tradition of an outstanding, fresh and graceful wine like the Rosa Dei Frati. A high-level Rosé with a great capacity to surprise with its simple authority. Fresh, delicate yet sharp at the same time, it is capable of being the centerpiece of the table. To the nose, there are specific hints of hawthorn flowers, green apple, white almond, and wild cherry. In the mouth, it is tasty, fresh, savory, and able to stimulate the palate thanks to its sharp acidity and hints of small red fruit. The ease of drinking encourages a carefree attitude by the second glass. It is recommended with cured meats, fried vegetables, mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella salad, delicate pasta, and spring risottos, light white meat, and intensely flavored fish.

The secret to the success of the Ca` Dei Frati wines is their outstanding vineyards. Most producers in the zone overcrop and train the vines high. At Ca` Dei Frati, the vines are trained low, newer vineyards have a higher density of planting, and yields are well below the average for the zone.

A delicate salmon pink wine that is fresh but full of flavor, showing soft red berry fruit. There are poise and balance in this structured rosé, which ends on a final, persistent note.

Evidence of the Cà Dei Frati company dates back to 1782. It is a model Italian estate, whose vineyards have grown from 12 hectares to 140 hectares over the past two decades. An increase has matched this increase in quantity in quality, and today the family is broadly recognized as the best producer in the region.

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