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Gibbston Valley

Gibbston Valley Red Shed Riesling 2018

Gibbston Valley Red Shed Riesling 2018

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Gibbston Valley Red Shed Riesling 2018

The Red Shed Riesling is sourced from a the most gravelly part of our Red Shed vineyard. It has vibrant, clean cut Riesling characters in a medium, mineral style.


Drawing from Gibbston Valley’s most intriguing vineyards, the Single Vineyard range gives full voice to site.


A year with record heat, 2018 was notable for its extremes, and
early harvest. Warm and settled in spring, there was rapid canopy establishment, and an early onset of flowering. A good, even set resulted, already a month ahead of normal. The summer months were consistently hot, with temperatures regularly touching the high 30’s and unusually warm nights. From February, periodic rain events gave much needed relief, and milder conditions followed through into harvest.

The fruit was harvested 3-4 weeks earlier than normal. There is no questioning its generosity and ripeness. It was a frenetic growing season that required vigilence and attention - but one that has produced diverse, quality wines full of expression.


First 15 rows, Red Shed vineyard, Bendigo (230m above sea level); an area dominated by glacial outwash.


The Riesling is picked early in order to preserve its citrusy, mineral core. The fruit is gently exposed with a light leaf pluck, and picked when there is colour and flavour development. It has a simple winery regime: whole bunch pressing, and free run only used. The wine is given a cool, natural yeast ferment, then bottled.


A luminous pale bright gold with vibrant green flashes. The wine features exudes white blossom and citrus aromatics with a saline edge. Concentrated and fresh, the wine moves into a citrus rind - like, off dry finish.


This wine is structured for enjoyment or ageing - between 10 and 20 years.

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