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Impari Nero D'Avola 2015

Impari Nero D'Avola 2015

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Impari Nero d'Avola 2015

Vigneti Zabu was founded in 2007 in Sambuca di Sicilia in Sicily by the Farnese Group. The winery was founded with the intent to showcase Sicily’s native varietals, namely Nerello Mascalese and Nero d’Avola, and bring them to the international market. Today, the surrounding area is strewn with archaeological artifacts that point to the generations of farmers who have lived here over the centuries. These men and women of the land have a strong tradition of farming while maintaining respect for

nature. However, Vigneti Zabu also employs the most advanced winemaking technology which is critical to enabling the features of the grapes to be transferred intact into the bottle.

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