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Monin Liqueur de TRIPLE SEC CURAÇAO 38% Vol. 0,7l

Monin Liqueur de TRIPLE SEC CURAÇAO 38% Vol. 0,7l

Redna cena €19,30 EUR
Redna cena Znižana cena €19,30 EUR
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Vključno z davkom. Dostava se obračuna ob zaključku nakupa.

Discover the many possibilities that La Liqueur de MONIN offers you: As an ingredient for fantastic cocktails - with or without alcohol - or in the kitchen for sauces, desserts, cakes and much more.
All premium liqueurs from Monin are created from the best natural fruit flavours, spices, herbs and many other ingredients.

Due to the handy, clear Monin liqueur bottle, the strong original colours of the liqueurs are reproduced unaltered.

Tasting notes:

The Monin Triple Sec Liqueur offers the scents of a fine Curacao Orange with citrus fruits and grapefruit peel. The taste offers bitter orange and mandarin notes.

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