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Movia Veliko Belo 2011

Movia Veliko Belo 2011

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Vključno z davkom. Dostava se obračuna ob zaključku nakupa.

Movia Veliko Belo 2011

Beyond any doubt the greatest desire of any vintner is to produce at least one bold, signature wine. Any serious winemaker has to produce an original, his own recognizable, distinct wine. A cuvee offers a better chance of demonstrating one's own taste, style, philosophy and understanding of wine and winemaking.

We wanted to create a new quality, a new style of wine. This is why we opted for a blend of grapes (or rather musts while still in fermentation), not a composition of finished wines. This produces a truly new wine, without the impression of one variety standing out more than others, as is often the case with blends of finished wines. Blending grapes or must during fermentation delivers a base wine that is only ready for the final touch after three years of maturing when pure varietals are added to maintain the style.

Veliko Belo sometimes sees the addition of a small percentage of aged wines, thus constantly maintaining the charm required of any great wine. Veliko Belo exhibits a slightly higher volatility, a consequence of a longer time spent in barrels, which increases oxidation. This renders the wine even grander and more important.

We blended the following varieties:

  • Pinot Gris, the hallmark of the wine's elegance in spite of its fruitiness,
  • Sauvignon, enhancing the wine's aroma,
  • Ribolla, marking the wine's homestead, the Brda terroir, our cellar.

The colour is quite intense reminiscent of old gold. The nose is so complex, varied and beautifully fresh, full of life that one might an impression that the wine is actually much younger. On the palate we find fine layers of butter, honey, wild flowers, blackcurrant and orange peel all complemented with gentle caramel and butterscotch notes. Very, dry medium bodied on the palate, with vibrant acidities and touch of tannins. Veliko belo has always been our playground to experiment and push limits further and further. It is ready to be enjoyed now, but will last for a decade, maybe even two. Another quintessential Movia wine. 

The wine's complexity means it pairs well with a wide selection of foods, though this wine definitely is sensitive as to its company. Drink it at the right time; even without food, this wine will be enough, suitably strong and aromatic.

Ribolla 70%, Sauvignon 20%, Pinot Gris 10%
13,00 %
Vine training: 
Guyot single
Average vine age: 
41 years
Late harvest, hand picked, short vine-to-fermentation times (max. 2h). Primary fermentation in large tanks on natural yeasts obtained from the same pre-harvested grapes (5%). Secondary fermentation completed in barrique barrels on the lees, no racking. No sulphur or any other preservatives used before bottling, thus the wine can complete all its natural processes and become naturally stable, ready to last a human lifetime.
Matured 3.5 years in 220 liter French oak barrels.
Bottle age: 
Bottle age 12 months in 0.75 l , 1.5 l, 3.0 l bottles.
(SO2) total: 
Bellow 30 mg
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