Primitivo Di Manduria Zolla 2018

Primitivo Di Manduria Zolla 2018

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Primitivo di Manduria Zolla 2018

Vigneti del Salento
These areas, due to the special climatic conditions, prove to be the most suitable for the cultivation of the main vine of the area: Primitivo.

The floors, bright red bricks, are rich in iron, well draining and come from the decay of the limestone below.

The large temperature range between day and night, together with the breeze coming from the sea, favors the development of aromas in the grape; during the ripening phase, the intensity of the sun causes the grapes to dry out slightly, which further concentrates the sugars.

Wine Zolla Primitivo di Manduria DOC
All grapes are harvested manually in the early, fresh hours of the morning, when the sunrise has not yet risen, in order to preserve the maximum aromatic complexity.

All the grapes are immediately brought to the cellar, entrusted to the experienced hands of the winemakers, who take care of everything from winemaking and refining to bottling.

The Zolla Primitivo di Manduria by Vigneti del Salento, presents itself in a glass with deep dark purple color.

Intense nose of ripe fruit and cocoa on the nose.

This wine is intense and velvety with hints of cherry and plum.

Serving suggestion:
Excellent with meat dishes, also excellent with game and aged sheep's cheese.


16-18 ° C

The Zolla Primitivo di Manduria by Vigneti del Salento has won the following awards for the 2015 vintage:

Premium Quality 2015
Berlin Wine Trophy 2015
Modus Vini 2015
AWC Vienna 2014

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