Prunier XO Tres Vieille Grande Champagne Cognac 0,7l

Prunier XO Tres Vieille Grande Champagne Cognac 0,7l

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Prunier XO Très Vieille Grande Champagne Cognac 0,7L


The perfection of old cognacs achieved only from long ageing.  It is the Grande Champagne which produces the best cognacs destined for exceptionally long ageing.  This blend is very full in the mouth and has strong aromatic flavours which will please not only cigar smokers but all aesthetes looking for a rare experience.  This cognac represents the quality achieved only by time by its strength and distinction.

Beautiful deep golden brown.
You must wait a little for the nose to develop.  Afterwards it is difficult to name the aromas as they are so numerous.  In the first place I identify leather, orange flowers, apple (Tatin tart), white pepper.  One then discovers the woody aspect.
The mouth is subtle and strong at the same time.  Rich, complex – here is a unique cognac.


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