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Buffalo Trace Distillery

Sazerac RYE Straight Rye Whiskey 45% Vol. 0,75l

Sazerac RYE Straight Rye Whiskey 45% Vol. 0,75l

Redna cena €100,60 EUR
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Rye whiskey has a long tradition in New Orleans, and this whiskey celebrates that history. It is named after the famous Sazerac Coffee House, the birthplace of the Sazerac cocktail which is the official cocktail of the city. Sazerac Rye is produced by the famed Buffalo Trace distillery, who make some of the most popular Kentucky bourbons on the market. They also distil vodka, wheated bourbon, and this rye whiskey. Sazerac Straight Rye is sweet and balanced on the nose, with scents of ginger, citrus peel, and pepper. The flavours are of ripe orange and fresh spices, with a thick, generous mouthfeel, and a medium spicy finish. This is a great versatile whiskey which is suitable for drinking neat or for mixing into cocktails and long drinks.

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