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Scurek Pinot Noir 2015

Scurek Pinot Noir 2015

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Ščurek Pinot Noir 2015

Country of origin: Slovenia
Aging (maturation): 36 months in new and used 500-liter oak barrels
The wine is the slightly translucent ruby color with aromas of ripe cherries, plums and subtle perceptions of spices and orange peel.
In the mouth, the wine is fruity and ripe with gentle tannins. The wine is very balanced with a pleasant aftertaste of cherry pips.

It would be hard to put an exact date on when the Ščurek family became involved in viticulture. Still, written records show that Stojan’s grandfather Franc cultivated 1 hectare of vines, making 50 hectolitres of wine. Today Stojan farm 20 hectares of vineyards with the help of five sons and have a yield to match. The central part of the estate’s vineyards lies in the Italian section of Brda, with Grotišče, Dugo, Mahober, Jazmine, Jordano, Gredič, and Kozlink being the prime sites. Each year the Ščureks release up to 80,000 bottles of top-quality wine. They have remained faithful to fresh but full-bodied wines, and delay the first racking until late spring. These wines need a little time to develop in the glass, but once they do, it is hard to stop them. While making use of state-of-the-art technology, the Ščureks also explore the realm of possibilities offered by oak barrels and are notable in their commitment to autochthonous varieties. They are incredibly proud of the white and red Stara Brajda blends and the blends sold under the names UP and Kontra.

Today Scurek farms grapes from its 22 hectares of vineyards—thirteen hectares in Slovenia and nine in Italy. But it wasn’t until1986, when the family had only one hectare of land in Yugoslavia and nine hectares in Italy, did his father, Stojan, begin seriously making wine.

The Scurek estate sits just fifty meters from the Italian border., Tomaz tells me his neighbor, who lives in Italy only fifty meters away, has a much easier time selling his wine—and commands a higher price—just because it’s labeled as Italian wine.
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