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Noilly Prat

Noilly Prat Original Dry 18% Vol. 1l

Noilly Prat Original Dry 18% Vol. 1l

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Vključno z davkom. Dostava se obračuna ob zaključku nakupa.

Tasting notes:

Noilly Prat is famous for the dry vermouth variety. The world famous company was founded in 1813. Noilly Prat is produced according to a worldwide unique process.

The base wines from the Picpoul and Clairette varieties mature for 12 months in open-air oak barrels. To the 600 l barrels, a herb mix of 20 different herbs from four continents is added. The exchange of air through the barrel gives the wine its own character. They give the Noilly Prat its special taste. Since 1843, Noilly Prat has worked according to the original recipe.
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