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Meukow Cognac

Meukow EXTRA Cognac 40% Vol. 0,7l in Giftbox

Meukow EXTRA Cognac 40% Vol. 0,7l in Giftbox

Redna cena €264,80 EUR
Redna cena Znižana cena €264,80 EUR
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Vključno z davkom. Dostava se obračuna ob zaključku nakupa.
The history of Meukow already begins in the 19th century. Auguste-Christophe and Gustav Meukow founded the company in 1850 in Silesia. After some time, the brothers moved with the company to Cognac in France. Gradually, the family business grew and became a globally recognized brand. Since 1979, Meukow has been part of the Compagnie de Guyenne Family.

Meukow Extra Cognac is made up of different eau de vie selected by the Cellar Master. The age of the eau de vie and the special blending, creates this special taste.

(automated translation)

Tasting notes:

Colour: Amber.
Nose: Complex, leather, tobacco.
Taste: Fruity, walnuts, almonds, candied orange, cinnamon.
Finish: Long lasting. (automated translation)
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